Hangzhou Langtian Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

  Founded in 2011, Hangzhou Langtian Auto Parts Co. , Ltd. is located in Xiaoshan EconomicDevelopment Zone, Hangzhou. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of automotive
  Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly.Langtian China mainly produces the first, second and third generation automobile Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly, and has developed nearly 800 items  and fitted most passenger vehicle
models in the World .
  The premium quality with confidence, and through the advanced facilities and management, and expected the latest technology making the wheel bearing more reliable and durable.  Customer's
satisfaction has always been considered by us.
  One of the critical factors in global expansion is distribution channel strategy. It is essential to the rate of growth and market penetration, so we would like to work with our distributor together,and achieve successful in near future.

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